What is Service of Process?

What is Service of Process & What is the benefit ?

What is Service of Process: Service of Process is when *Court Issued legal documents are hand delivered to a Specific Person, Business or Government Entity by an authorized individual who is not a party to the case. The service is documented by an Affidavit of Service *a few documents not issued by the court may be served by a Arizona resident who is at least 18 yrs old.

You are served process server services imageWhat is the Purpose: This is so the Judge will know the following information; which is contained in the Affidavit of Service, aka Proof of Service

  1. The Party Served was given proper Notice of a Legal Proceeding.
  2. Service was done in accordance to the Rules of Civil Procedure
  3. The Party was the correct Entity to be served, this requirement changes by: age of the Person served, Business type, Government Agency or Official
  4. The Server has no interest, bias or financial gain in the proceeding.