Denial of Certification – Arizona Process Server Rules and Laws

DALS - Top Process Server in Glendale, Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale and around the valleyDenial of Certification

If the presiding judge finds any one or more of the following to apply your application will be denied: material misrepresentation or failure of disclosure on your application; a record of dishonesty and/or incompetency; a record of repeated complaints by the public; prior denial of a license by any government agency; prior conviction of a felony or misdemeanor; currently on probation, parole, or named in an outstanding arrest warrant; failure to submit fingerprints or cooperate in a criminal history investigation; and violation of any laws or court orders applying to process servers. You may be subject to discipline and decertification if a lie on your original application is discovered, there are any current violations of Arizona or federal laws or court orders, you have failed to perform duties required by law, false advertising, and engaging in the unauthorized practice of law

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